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NEW: Spielraum Handinstrumente

Here I present new pieces for all kinds of handpercussion - from cymbals to flexatone!

NEW: Spielraum Übungsbrett

As a percussionist we practice hours and hours on practice pads. This book helps to make it more fun!

www.percussionandmore.at is online

Visit the new page www.percussionandmore.at

New: Menü für Bläserquintett

Here is my version of a multi-course dinner for wind instruments. Enjoy your meal!

New: "Spielraum..." english version

All books from the "Spielraum..." series are available in english as well. Please note the requested language at the order comment.

out now: "Spielraum Xylophon"

The new book "Spielraum Xylophon" ("scope xylophone") is ready and available at www.olivermadas.com !

"Projekt wir/us" play at KammeRSOund

Musicians from the ORF Radio Symphony Orchestra Vienna are giving a chamber music concert on March 30th 2012 at the Funkhaus Vienna / Großer Sendesaal


New: Scope Snare Drum

Snarenade, caution: flamable, Ausschlag, Pausenlos, Thai-Ming...

New: Scope orchestral-percussion

Every percussionist is trying hard to stick out positively when playing with an orchestra...

world premiere "Damenwahl" at the Liechtensteinmuseum Vienna

Maria Grün (violoncello) and Franz-Markus Siegert (violin) performed the world premiere of my newest piece "Damenwahl" ("ladies´ turn") on Sunday, March 13th at the Liechtensteinmuseum Vienna.

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