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new "old" compositions and cd...

I overworked some of my earlier works.

Concert "Projekt wir/us" in Prague

The duo-project plays another concert in Prague in November.

Projekt wir/us & world premiere (M)Aria

The duo-formation Projekt wir/us played concerts across Austria.

Musikhaus Lechner

My music is also available at Musikhaus Lechner in Bischofshofen - Salzburg.

New: Motiva(c)tion for percussion-trio

There is a lot of motivation and action in this new piece for percussion trio...


For a couple of years I was working on this trilogy-idea...

More practice material

There are some new worksheets at Teaching Materials - Snare Drum...check it out!

Projekt wir/us - Concert in Prague

Our duo Projekt wir/us gives a benefic-concert in Prague on November 28.

Spielraum Vibraphon 2 - Scope Vibraphone 2

Here is the continuation of the first part.

Shake Five

The Rhythmania Artists showed what you can do with five shakers...

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