The Rhythmania Artists - CD "Vorschlag"

The cd of the Viennese percussionensemble contains compositions by Oliver Madas:

Intrada, Percussion Symphony, Miniaturen 1-3-5, cosy impressions (Piano: Stephanie Timoschek-Gumpinger), Addicted to you, My Voice, Too Late (Voice: Karin Meissl)

The Rhythmania Artists:

Oliver Madas, Karin Meissl, Benjamin Schmidinger, Thomas Stockhammer, Peter Vasicek

Price: 15.90 € including 20 % Vat


Aria for violoncello und vibraphone - dedicated to Maria Grün



Difficulty: intermediate

Duration: approx. 7 minutes

Price: 13,20 € including 10 % VAT

Youtube sample:

Story without words

for alto voice and percussion ensemble


4 musicians:

1. vibraphone, sandpaper, thundersheet;

2. a-marimba, cajón, trgl., wind-chimes, bambus-chimes, 4 woodbl.;

3. c-marimba, glockenspiel, 3 gongs, floor-tom;

4. drum set, bass drum, tam tam, wind-chimes;



Difficulty:  advanced

Duration: approximately 18 minutes

Price: 44 € including 10 % Vat

Youtube sample:

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Shake Five

Piece for five musicians each with a shaker and a sense for humour...



Difficulty: intermediate to advanced

Duration: approximately 6 minutes

Price: 16,50 € including 10% VAT

Youtube sample:

Peer Gynt Suite Nr. 2, Op. 55



Arrangement of the famous suite by Edvard Grieg for percussionensemble (Five musicians: bells, xylophone, vibraphone, A-marimba, C-marimba, drumset + percussion (G.C., T.T., Tamb., thundersheet, a due cymb., susp. cymb., big/small china cymb., bassbow, trgl., 5 Kazzoos).

Four movements: The Abduction of the Bride; Arabian Dance; Peer Gynt´s Homecoming; Solveig´s Song


Difficulty: intermediate to advanced

Duration: approximately 15 minutes

Price: 38,50 € including 10% VAT